Guangdong Bao Jia Li Color Printing Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the company is located in Lapel Hill with water, enjoy the "Zou Lu Beach", "Linghai name Bang" and other well-known hometown of overseas Chinese - Chaoshan area, is a Set product development, production and sales of modern professional flexible packaging manufacturing enterprises.

Chaozhou-Shantou area is located in the eastern coast of Guangdong, Guangdong and Fujian at the junction, and Taiwan to Wang, the Tropic of Cancer is the only intersection of the coastline of China and the Hercynian economic zone is an important part. As a member of the leading enterprises in Chaozhou-Shantou area, Baojia has been devoted to producing all kinds of plastic composite packaging films such as BOPP, CPP, PE, NY film, pearl film, vacuum metallization film, frosting film and heat shrink film. , Bags, posters and other Zhisu packaging products, printing varieties also expanded to thousands of species, not only to provide better packaging services, it is to create rich, beautiful and happy green economic zone and work hard.

The company has a modern garden-like plant more than 35,000 square meters, high-tech automatic production line 8, integrated by the early design, printing, composite, cutting into the bag-making process, such as all-round flexible packaging production system , To provide customers with the most complete packaging solutions.

The company is equipped with the latest electronic shaft system 10-color high-speed printing machine BOBST RS 3.0, dry, pouring and Italy Nordmecanicca solvent-free laminating machine, cold sealant coating machine and a variety of cutting bagging process, The introduction of Japan Tayo overprint system, and other foreign advanced software operating system, the annual production capacity of up to 18,000 tons.

In the trend of the times, we have passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO22000, BRC and other international quality system certification, and also has its own high-tech patents. In the pursuit of quality, the company attaches importance to personnel training and reserves, and actively implement the SA8000 social responsibility management system, and constantly enrich the corporate culture, enhance employee health and welfare care.

At the same time, the business for many years to the Chaoan local economic development of far-reaching positive impact, has won the "Quality and Technical Supervision of Guangdong Province Quality Trustworthy Enterprise", "Guangdong integrity enterprises", the People Quality management standards enterprises ", which is the customer's trust in us, but also the Government's trust in us.

Advanced technology, strict management and high-quality products, so that the Guangdong Po-kai of the partners all over the country. Famous companies such as Mengniu, Yili, Hexue, Hengan Group, Panpan, Yakou, Haokan, Black Cattle, Haolutou, Mulun River and White Cat have chosen Baojiali as the partner and long-term Of the partnership, the Po-kai Lee considerable recognition, and to give Bao Jia Li very high praise.

In addition, over the years the company actively explore the international market, determined to corporate brand into the international, with the United States PP, Switzerland Lotus, Nestle, McDonald's, Australia PK, Africa OK, Mongolia Teso, British NS, Customers to establish a good and stable relations of cooperation, and the broad masses of customers unanimously approved.

"Excellent quality & nbsp; sincere service & nbsp; beautiful color & nbsp; perfect praise & rdquo; is the pursuit of consistent good treasure, to provide a more secure and environmentally friendly packaging and make every effort to make greater contributions.