Street advertising printing and packaging will be replaced by ads

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Today in our country whether it is a big city or small town small ads plastered everywhere, it has also become the city can not cure psoriasis, not only eyesores, but also give an opportunity to exploit illegal elements, those developed nations in Europe and America there is no such phenomenon, such as Britain, a veteran of the capitalist countries, has a very developed industrial system, and enterprises are very environmentally conscious, many companies are gathered in the zone or a few large industrial cities such as Birmingham. And as London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Aberdeen these cities you basically do not see the loss of any plant, a few scattered plants also are located in the city's surrounding areas. In these cities you can still see little main commercial street advertising, and in the streets of residential areas is virtually no advertising and does not want China as small ads plastered everywhere. And even in the most large commercial advertising are monochrome or color advertisements, and many cities in China posted everywhere, hanging real estate, automobiles, building materials and other commercials compared to the UK economy than if I had a lot behind the same. Once I was in the UK plus packaging machine exhibition, spare also visited a showroom of real estate developers in the sales department is also hanging outside sharp monochrome real estate ads, but they did not actually given away for free premises brochures, if you want to know the specific structure of the house can also visit the showroom, which compared to China is not only free but everywhere hire paid compared to the situation a little people feel weird. If you walk down the streets of the City of London, I found on the sidewalk, pedestrians crossing the road in addition to passing vehicles prompted pressed lights and bus stops outside the service description cards, almost no other advertising light boxes, road and flag advertising is hard to find the track wall. However, in hotels, restaurants, shops are equipped with a large number of tourist attractions, hotel descriptions, household items and complimentary newspapers print supplies. And people are increasingly dislike flying ads, these are not only unsightly, on the city's image plays a negative impact, but also caused a serious waste of resources, as people's awareness of environmental protection, I believe in this city of cowhide China Moss will be cured completely, with the packaging and printing industry can offset part of the street advertising, which will also become China's packaging industry growth in the next point.